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Interview of the month

Interview with Mr. Georgios Kapraras

Mrs. Anamaria Diaconescu – HRCC Director: AD

Mr. Georgios Kapraras – Architect at K-Box: GK

AD: “Dear George, thank you for accepting our proposal for the August 2017 interview, you are our first “HRCC member in the loop” and it is a real pleasure for me to discuss with you aspects that our readers would be interested in. I will start by asking you to briefly present the company you are representing as well as the main projects that are currently ongoing”.

GK: “Dear Anamaria, thank you and the Hellenic – Romanian Bilateral Chamber of Commerce for the kind invitation, I am proud to be the first member in this project and I wish you great success with this initiative.

First of all I would like to mention that K-Box Construction Design, based on a great team of 45 employees only in the design department, has a complex field of activities, including residential, offices, industrial, interior and landscape design. Our services are acting as general designers of a project but they can be broken down into several categories like preparing design and technical documentations for approvals and Building Permits, construction documents, feasibility studies, 3D simulations, town planning studies and design consultancy. Last but not least, we are proud of having in-house design capacity for architecture & structure and we have partnerships with experienced collaborators in the field of MEP (Metallic, Electrical, Plumbing). We have a significant number of ongoing projects, we are very proud of all of them, I will mention just some of them, inviting our readers to have a look at our site, at the Portfolio part:

• Belvedere Development, started in 2015 and ongoing, this project proposes a mixed-use development with several apartment buildings linked by a horizontal volume with commercial and housing • Rotasului project, started in 2016, represents a housing development found in North Bucharest that aims at providing the city accommodation with an efficient organization and common spaces. It is a project with approximately 829 apartments to suit each costumer’s necessity.” Of course we do not have only large scale but also medium scale residential design projects like Delavrancea and Eminescu, all of them in execution phase. We have designed offices also, for example Day Tower a 9-floor building, under execution in central Bucharest and many industrial spaces of various complexities and needs across the country.

AD: “As a conclusion, present sounds good and promising, please share with us some of the company’s future plans as well your prognosis for the sector’s direction in the next 3 years”.

GK: “Yes indeed, the present seems to be progressing in a stable way and we are optimistic for the future as we rely on the expertise that we have and on high quality services that meet and exceeds our customers’ expectations. In this field, the future plans currently are not related to Greece, due to the crisis, but mostly to developing countries such as African and Persian Gulf countries.

The sector we are also active in is development, where with small but consistent and stable steps we plan to focus on. In general it is encouraging to notice that Romania represents a good and safe place to run activities, as it is becoming more and more a pole of attraction for highly qualified Greek people that come and work in Romania, especially in the big cities.

AD: “Are there some success factors or a magic recipe for being successful in this industry?”

GK: ”There are some factors that definitely influence being successful and gaining a good reputation in this market. We have always emphasised on professionalism, discipline and keeping our promises to our clients and all these accompanied by high quality of end product/service, knowledge of the market and of what is do-able or not and, last but not least, our expertise on the specifics of the local know how in terms of construction in Romania”.

AD: “Thank you George, wish you great success with all your plans. For us as a Chamber of Commerce is very important to see that the Hellenic entrepreneurial presence in Romania is strong and successful, this makes us proud and continuously working for providing further support, advice and expertise.”