Large companies with turnover
> 3.000.000 EUR

Annual subscription of 1000 Euro


Small and medium-sized companies with turnover
between 250.000 euro and 3.000.000 euro

Annual subscription of 500 Euro


Small companies with turnover
< 250.000 euro

Annual subscription of 250 Euro


Individuals of Greek citizenship
who operated in non-Greek companies and authorized individuals

Annual subscription of 100 Euro

The benefits of a member

This isn’t about networking – this is about gaining friends, associates and even advocates. The people you get to know may or may not do business with you, but the social and emotional return in building meaningful, lasting relationships can be more meaningful than the financial return you seek.

As you attend events, serve on committees and interact with people outside your normal routines, you will have the opportunity to interact with all types of people. This in turn will create better relationship building skills that can crossover to improve non-business aspects of your life as well.

An old adage applies it – “out of sight, out of mind”. While many companies try to be seen in the digital world and do a very good job, nothing can sell your business better than being Face to face with people.

The Chamber of Commerce offers numerous opportunities to spend time with potential friends (clients), and after non-transactional interactions you can get to the top of their list when they know someone needs your product or service.

The Chamber of Commerce offers a wide range of advertising options and sponsorship packages. A business can sponsor programs or whole events through a Chamber. Beyond the paid advertising options, the Chamber of Commerce offers ways of free promotion of businesses through monthly and annual certifications, social media, regular newsletters, even printed materials.

You will benefit from periodic newsletters that include news sections for members, discounts or special events.

For companies that do not have a large budget for training, getting to national conferences or bringing experts is out of the question. The Chamber of Commerce offers a cheap way to fill the gap between the lack of training and the training made by specialists.

Based on discussions with members and ongoing communication with them, the Chamber of Commerce provides speakers for events or links to articles written by experts through emails and newsletters that members expressly request.

Affiliation with the Chamber of Commerce provides access to all the programs and events that are organized, and these are in large numbers.

As Director of the Chamber I sometimes feel that all I do is to organize events. The events of the Chamber can include business training breakfasts, networking events, award banquets, gala events, joint networking events organized with other Chambers of Commerce.

All these events are for building your business, either through training, promotion or networking. All these events are designed to grow your business.